cápuslas espuma esclerosante


VARIXIO Pod Air capsules are made of clear plastic and come in individual, sterile, single-use bags, in boxes of 10 units. The capsule has a port, closed with a Luer cap, for loading the sclerosing agent and removing the sclerosant foam once formed.

Inside the capsule there is a magnetic stirrer disc, and on top of the capsule there is a removable seal that connects with the external environment for pressure equilibration prior to foam withdrawal. The capsule contains sterile air at 1 atm pressure.

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The VARIXIO Pro Mag stirrer is a programmable electronic device with a docking site designed to accommodate the VARIXIO Pod Air capsules. Inside the stirring device there is rotating magnetic element that aligns with the magnetic stirring disc in the VARIXIO Pod Air to make it spin at a predefined speed and time, according to the type and concentration of sclerosing agent chosen by the operator.

Instructions for Use

It has an estimated lifetime of 30,000 hours of use.

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